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“As a Member Nominated Trustee, I found that the meetings became more structured and productive from the time that Steven Ross became the Chairman of the Trustee board. Steven has a professional but pleasant and straightforward approach with extensive knowledge, expertise and experience. He has the ability to put people at ease and ensures that they are comfortable in their role as a Trustee. Support was provided and a structure put in place to meet our training needs. Manpreet Sohal attended the Trustee meetings and always produced very comprehensive and accurate minutes. Ross Trustees have an excellent administration service, with systems and resources to provide a quality service with a good communication function.”

Wendy Brackley, Ex-Trustee

Alcoa Britain Pension Plan

“As a newly appointed pension Trustee, Steven and Manpreet have taken the time to explain things and encourage me to be inquisitive. This makes an involved and responsible task a rewarding experience.”

Ken Salter, Trustee

Alcoa Britain Pension Plan

“I recently became a new Trustee and I was very apprehensive about the role and what was involved. However, after spending time with Steven Ross and Manpreet Sohal, I was instantly put at ease and felt very comfortable with the responsibility I had been given.

Steven and Manpreet took their time to explain things in simple terms and made me feel comfortable about asking questions. Steven and Manpreet are very experienced in their roles and this experience shines through at our trustee meetings.”

Neil Williams, Trustee

Alcoa Britain Pension Plan

“As a new Trustee this year, I have been guided on this daunting path by Steven, Manni and the team. Not only have they arranged suitable training either directly or with a third party, but they have also provided valuable guidance and reassurance thanks to their experience across many similar funds over many years.”

Richard Bass, Trustee

Hitachi UK Pension Plan

“Since my appointment as a Member Nominated Trustee, I have found Ross Trustees to be an integral component for both the effective management of the Plan and for my own development in the role of MNT. They clearly define our roles and responsibilities as Trustees, providing guidance and considered recommendations for dealing with all matters based on their extensive experience and knowledge. The expertise and professionalism of Ross Trustees are invaluable resources for the Plan as we move forward as a Trustee Board to secure benefits for all our Plan members.”

David Greenall, Trustee

Hitachi UK Pension Plan

“I have known Steven Ross for many years and have recently had the pleasure of working closely with him and his colleagues at Ross Trustees on a number of high profile and demanding matters. Steven brings to the role of Trustee Chairman enormous practical experience, combining a commercial approach and common sense with a deep knowledge of pension issues. My experience of working with Ross Trustees, as an organization, fully reflects this approach – good to work with, commercial and highly efficient.”

Robert West

Partner and Head of the Pensions Department, Baker & McKenzie LLP Former Chairman of the Association of Pensions Lawyers and Non-Executive Director of The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS)