Our services.

We offer a range of independent professional trustee and pensions support services to plans of varying size with experience in dealing with a vast range of issues.

Independent Trusteeship

  • What are the benefits of using an Independent Trustee?
  • We increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Trustee Board.
  • We manage any conflicts of interests.
  • Our involvement allows directors of the employer to demonstrate to the membership that the employer is not using its position to influence the Trustees decisions.
  • We draw upon experience gained from other trusteeships.
  • We ease the time pressures and demands on existing Trustees and, if necessary, help to fill the skills gap that may exist on the current trustee board.
  • We can reduce costs by managing advisors effectively.


Why Ross Trustees?

  • We are a dynamic team of experienced specialised individuals, each bringing our own skills; collectively we have many years’ of trusteeship experience.
  • We are professional, competent and keep up to date with developments in the field of pensions.
  • Our experience as Independent Trustees can help the Trustee board  to challenge advisors and bring clarity to the decision making process.
  • When acting as chair, we feel strongly about each individual on the Trustee Board having a say.
  • We manage service delivery between meetings and ensure action points are completed.
  • We work with advisors to ensure that targets are met within agreed budgets.
  • We believe that the way our business is structured enables us to deliver a unique service amongst Independent Trustees.
  • We have no financial ties with any service provider. This means that we have no conflict and can give a genuinely independent service to our clients.


A Modern Trustee Model

  • We are an integrated business which operates in a manner similar to many of the professional suppliers to the pensions market.
  • We have a senior member of the team who leads a trustee appointment and oversees our wider team which consists of people with different backgrounds and experience.
  • This optimises our services and costs.


Project Management

Ongoing schemes

Amongst other things we provide the following services:

  • Investment strategy and manager selection
  • Employer covenant assessments selection
  • Liaison with the Pensions Regulator and compliance with legislation and Regulations
  • Management of conflicts
  • Management of advisors costs and the introduction of business plans
  • Assisting with the restructuring of plans or where necessary employers.

We have the knowledge and experience to deal with the various matters that may arise in a pension scheme or company restructuring: we understand the implications of mergers, acquisitions and leverage, and help trustees to react appropriately.

Distressed schemes

Amongst other things we provide the following services:

  • Liaison with the Pensions Regulator (TPR) and the Pension Protection Fund (PPF), if appropriate
  • Managing  the various employer issues and helping negotiations in a practical and professional manner
  • Leading a scheme through a buy-out of liabilities with an insurance provider or the PPF assessment period, if applicable
  • Leading  de-risking through investment projects
  • LDI Projects
  • Longevity Swaps
  • Buy-ins and Buy-outs

Secretarial Services

Our services include:

  • Arranging meetings and preparing the agenda and meeting papers
  • Writing minutes of meetings and ensuring that actions are progressed between meetings
  • Managing business plans, timetables, costs and advisors accordingly
  • Ensuring Trustees are kept up to date on important matters between meetings.


  • We currently use an internet based storage facility called eShare which enables Trustees to store and manage all their scheme documentation electronically.
  • The system can only be accessed by approved personnel remotely via the internet.