About us.

We aim to provide resourced, educated and professional Trustee and pensions support services to both defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans throughout the country, with a specific emphasis on understanding the needs and issues faced by the sponsoring employer.

The business consists of a team of professionals who have varying pension specialties creating an amalgamation of legal, actuarial, consultancy, project management, administrative, accountancy and business skills.


Since our establishment, we have developed a wide portfolio of UK schemes where we work with both UK and multinational organisations.


We support employers, Trustee boards and ultimately members by providing the expertise to manage their schemes in an increasingly challenging environment. Depending on the needs and requirements of the employer and the scheme, we act either as part of an existing Trustee Board (as Trustee or Chair) or as sole Trustee.

With the heightened public focus on pension schemes and the Pensions Regulator requiring particular standards of governance, the responsibilities of a Trustee have increased significantly. We assist our clients by working to ensure that Regulatory requirements are met. Our knowledge and experience enable us to address a wide range of pressing issues, such as complex funding negotiations, de-risking strategies, liability management, investment strategy reviews or corporate change. We are independent and we can manage any conflict of interest that might arise along the way.


During particularly difficult times, such as employer insolvency or scheme wind-up, we are able to use our experience and project management skills to effectively manage schemes through the buy out process or with transition into the Pensions Protection Fund (PPF) or Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS).


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