Our Discontinuance Team is in place to co-ordinate and deliver the wind-up of occupational pension schemes on time and within budget.

Scheme closures are complex, heavily process driven and demand robust project management. Significant resource is often required, with the necessary technical expertise and skills to ensure the exercise is executed effectively. An experienced project manager helps the successful delivery of wind-ups and keeps a firm grip on cost control.

Our team enjoys a proven track record of managing scheme wind-ups successfully and brings together extensive experience of overseeing such projects for a variety of pensions arrangements. The team includes professionals who have managed scheme closure exercises when operating as part of an in-house pensions team or with third-party administrators, as well as individuals who have worked directly for the PPF. This multi-layered experience means we are able to anticipate the issues from all angles, which is of great value to clients.

Our team has first-hand knowledge of all of the procedures and processes required, from the initial preparation through to the final closure of the scheme. We set and agree strategies that are scheme specific and use well-tested project plans to identify all tasks and allocate an owner responsible for their delivery. We also have the independence to provide the necessary challenge to all parties and keep projects on track. This rigour ensures we remain entirely focused and, importantly, ensures the member experience is front of mind at all times.




Amanda Osborne

Trustee Director

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