We approach risk transfer in a number of ways and view it more broadly than just a move of liabilities from a pension scheme. Minimising and mitigating risk is fundamental to good outcomes for beneficiaries as well as sponsors and other key stakeholders.

Our team is involved in an array of solutions to transfer risk and this involves working with consultancies and insurers to deliver the best solutions possible. We work with all parties to understand the risks our clients are trying to manage and offer our services to ensure that risk is minimised in a cost effective way.

The ways in which schemes can transfer risk include:

  • Insurance solutions via buy-in and buy-out
  • DB Consolidators, including superfunds
  • Authorised DC Master Trusts
  • Operational, such as corporate sole trusteeship
  • Governance solutions delivered through our secretariat team
  • Investment reviews
  • Self managing risk through innovative solutions that are newer to the market

As the pensions market evolves, the traditional and linear approach of buy-out may not always be appropriate or desirable for some and our team are on hand to discuss how our different way of thinking has resulted in desirable outcomees. Our holistic review of risk across all facets of a scheme allow us present clear and tangible ideas that demonstrate why we remain at the forefront of trusteeship


Jo Myerson

Trustee Director

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