Pension schemes thrive when the trustee board, the sponsoring employer and scheme advisers work together towards the common aim of protecting members’ interests. Occasionally, the interests of parties can separate and the relationship between the trustees and the employer break down. Conflicts of interest also create circumstances where good governance is compromised. 

We work closely with scheme sponsors, our co-trustees and advisers to support, help and manage the increasingly complex issues associated with the operation pension schemes. This includes providing additional resource to deal with conflicts of interest or to resolve any relationship issues that place the best interests of scheme members at risk.  We believe that workable solutions are best identified, and high performance ultimately achieved, when all parties work collaboratively to deliver the optimal outcomes.

Conflicts of interests emerge on a regular basis during the day-to-day running of occupational pension schemes. We help clients to manage such circumstances support clients by providing additional resource and expertise to manage conflicts of interest and support on an interim or ongoing basis.

“Ross Trustees are seen as expert and experienced individuals, who are flexible and pragmatic, but who are also known to fit in with existing trustees and take the time and trouble to work closely with the lay trustees.”
Partner, Pensions Consultancy

“Ross Trustees is an incredibly dynamic and energetic firm at the cutting edge of their industry. I have worked alongside Ross on same very challenging and complex assignments but I can say they have always been a pleasure to work with.”
Partner, Big Four Accountancy Practice

“Ross Trustees are enormously practical and extraordinarily experienced. In particular, they are extremely good at finding a consensual way forward, even when the key stakeholders are in conflict, to find that constructive agreement that works for everyone.”
Partner, Global Professional Services Firm


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