Professional corporate sole trusteeship is an increasingly popular model for businesses of all sizes as they look to manage their pension arrangements more efficiently.

The model substitutes a trustee board comprising a range of pensions knowledge and expertise with an experienced team of pensions professionals, who are entirely dedicated to providing trustee services. The attractiveness of the model is growing as employers contend with the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, as well as the intensifying demands placed on trustees.  It is a streamlined and efficient approach and often results in faster decision-making that enables schemes to capture market opportunities and achieve the best results for both scheme beneficiaries and employers.

Ross Trustees is one of the leading providers of corporate sole trusteeship services in the UK. We are appointed as corporate sole trustee to schemes with sponsoring employers operating in a variety of sectors, ranging in asset size from the low millions to several billions. We deliver a genuinely independent service.

Our corporate sole trusteeship model outsources the trustee board to a broad team of pensions specialists drawn from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. This ensures key decisions are made in an informed, balanced and impartial way and that the necessary checks are firmly in place.

We operate in line with the Association of Professional Pension Trustees’ Code of Practice governing the operating standards of professional corporate sole trustees. Our lead trustees are all fully accredited professional trustees who are supported by a wider, in-depth team. Everyone will work in close partnership with the company and its advisers.

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