Board Portal.

We can help you go paperless

We’ve teamed up with a technology company to give you board portal software. Here’s what it helps you do:

  • Manage meetings
  • Store documents
  • Reduce the workload of admin team
  • Make things more secure
  • Make your governance more streamlined

Find the papers you need on your computer or phone

You can find papers from your computer or on a phone or tablet with the App. You’ll find plan documents as well as meeting papers, and you can upload or download them anytime and anywhere. It should save you having to store vast quantities of papers. We’ll upload any documents the current trustee administrator has as well. This way we’ll make sure you can get the whole picture of the plan and we’re not missing any historical documents.


You’ll be up and running in five minutes

It’s easy. We’ll give your trustees training to make sure they can make the most of the software. We can also provide iPads for your trustees, too.