About us.

Experienced and knowledgeable


Our team has a wide range of skills and expertise – from legal to accounting, and from governance to project management. We’ve also got experience working on all aspects of pension issues, and understanding them from a trustee’s perspective and an employer’s perspective.


We’re very familiar with similar plans, which mean we challenge costs, track invoices and manage budgets. One of the key activities of our pensions administration team would be to obtain annual budgets from advisers, challenge these when necessary and track invoices received against budgets agreed.


We support a number of large plans, which are very busy. Because of this, we fully understand the additional demands and challenges that larger plans face, from ensuring all stakeholders are well informed to keeping finances under tight control.


Collaborative approach   


Working with the right team is extremely important.  As trustee or company you will benefit from the fact that we have excellent working relationships with vast majority of pensions advisers and suppliers and provide a seamless service by working alongside them as part of one team.



We have no financial ties with any service provider. This means that we have no conflicts of interest in respect of any service providers and can give a genuinely independent service to our clients.


Quality assurance 

In 2016, as a matter of good practice, Ross Corporate Services chose to adopt the Pensions Regulator’s Assurance Framework (AAF 02/07) and submitted an unqualified assurance report to the Pensions Regulator, demonstrating that Ross Corporate Services operate sound administrative and accounting practices.

We have developed a core suite of template governance documents, which are available and can be adapted to meet the needs of the plan. Our vision of governance extends to aligning the goals and requirements of the plan with those of the company. We believe that governance is the key to strategy setting and delivering the best outcome for members.